How Do Casinos Make Money on Poker

Here is how casinos can make money on hosting poker games.

We all know that poker players can make money if they play well enough. They play against others and they all invest their own money in anteing up and growing the pot until someone comes out victorious. Then they repeat the process all over again. But how do casinos make their money if the players are simply betting against each other? There are a couple of ways, and it depends on how the game is being played, and where it is being paid.

One of the main ways that a brick and mortar casino will make money from poker is through what’s called the rake. The rake is essentially a commission taken by the casino based on the pot. This can run anywhere between 2.5 to 10% in some cases, and compensates the casino for hosting the game. They may also charge a fee for time spent sitting at the table. These are usually charged by the half-hour.

However, in some casinos, the poker tables are considered loss leaders. They know that poker is incredibly popular so they draw people in. Demographics show that poker is primarily played by men, and slots by women. The thinking is that by drawing men in to play poker, their wives and girlfriends will play slots. Slots are incredibly popular for casinos, so they do whatever they can to get people playing them. So while these casinos might not be making money directly from poker, they are still making money indirectly from having it available on site.

As for online poker, there is a similar concept. The site may take a rake when you play poker online, or it may charge a fee for sitting at a table. Many sites also profit from advertisements, partnerships, and sponsorships, so the more people they have playing games the higher their ad rates can be. They also charge participants for tournament play. For instance, the buy-in for a tournament may be listed as $100 + $10. This means that $100 will go into your bankroll for the tournament, and $10 will go to the site.

As you can see, there are several ways that casinos and poker websites can profit off of poker. It is an incredibly popular game, whether people play for stakes or just for fun. Casinos operate for profit, however, so they will do whatever they can, as long as it’s legal, to make as much as they can.

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