Slot free spins – things to know

Read our guide about agen idn slot free spins. Read some useful information about the slot machine bonus rounds and packs of free spins.

About 80% of today’s online slots contain a special feature known as a pack of free spins. The stats say that the number of physical slot games with free spins is nearly twice smaller. The free spins are definitely the customers’ favorite pros from playing online agen idn slot games.

However, do these gamblers fully understand free spins? Do you personally miss something about them? Check out some of the most important facts and details you should know about free spins:

  1. Free spins are provided in packs. Usually the smallest number of free spins in a pack you can receive is 5. There are very few slot games that offer up to 3 free spins. If you win extra free spins during a free spin round, the secondly won spins are played after you play all the spins from your first pack.
  2. To win free spins is not a standard procedure in all slot games. Usually, the goal is to collect several identical symbols. In most cases, the special symbols – scatters or wilds – bring the free spins. Commonly, you will need a collection of at least 3 similar scatters or wilds to receive the free spins.
  3. The free spins are integrated in a bonus game. It is different from the standard slot machine gameplay. This is why it might be required from you to set your bet size once again. Please, be aware that some slot machines set the stake size in a free spin in correspondence to the stake size you have placed during the spin when you won the pack of free spins.
  4. The free spin feature can be retriggered in some slot machines. This means that while you are playing a free spin, there’s a possibility for you to win more free spins. The rules for the retriggering feature, though, can be totally different from the requirement to win free spins in the standard gameplay.
  5. Many slot machines come with two paytables. One of the paytable is related with the values of the combos of similar symbols in the base game. The other paytable, as you can guess, shows the same values, but they are given to you for the combinations in the bonus round with free spins.
  6. Sometimes, the game with a free spin can come with completely different rules from those you from the standard gameplay. In most cases, the difference is as to the meaning of the wild and the scatter symbol. We remind you that in 90% of the cases the standard wild replaces all symbols except for the scatter. This can be changed within the bonus free spin slot game.

Free spins are amazing to be added to any fruit, adventure, movie-themed or any other type of a slot game, aren’t they?

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