A couple of lottery winners share their craziest stories

Meet some really interesting stories told by winners in Bandar togel hongkong. See what people can experience right after seeing they have won in a big lottery.

Lottery winners are completely ordinary people who are special only for their special luck. If you think that you need to be a queen or a powerful politician to win in the Bandar togel hongkong, you have mistaken the game.

But once all of these lucky guys win from the lottery their lives totally go upside down or at least change in a way they can never call themselves the same again. Today, we would like to introduce you a couple of the craziest stories shared to us by some of the biggest lottery winners of all times.

  1. In the 2010th year Jose Antonia wins in the lottery more than 750 thousand of USA. It happened in the USA, which was the biggest nightmare for the winner. It turned out that Mr Antonia was illegally in the USA and when he found that for the win he was not happy as much as he was worried for being deported back to Guatemala from where he is. This is why Jose gives the ticket to a friend, who’s for a couple of years used to be presented as the real lottery winners, including on the TV.
  2. Now meet the family Joanne and Joseph Zagmi. They play lottery games on a regular basis. This couple is actually kind of obsessed by the lottery games and they are keen in online lotteries, as well as used to buy lottery tickets every time they go shopping for some groceries in the supermarket. One day while they were watching the TV for the latest numbers of the lottery drawing of the week they saw they are winners. But they could not find the ticket as they actually accidentally threw it away in the garbage. How they knew they won? Well, they always used to pick up the same numbers. Thankfully, they has a guy from the local garbage state agency and they managed to find the ticket that brought them almost 1 million of USD.
  3. Billie Bob Harrell Jr. of Texas is the real proof that winning in the lottery might be awesome, but it’s not a guarantee for living happily till the rest of your life. When he received the amount of 31 million of USD he started “buying” friends. Billie decided to buy cars and homes to all those people he wanted to be closed to, but only 5 years later he found out the truth – all of these people kept using him and none of them actually made friends with Billie.

What’s your weirdest story related with lotteries? Don’t hesitate to share it us whether it is about a real win or something else in a connection with our top favorite gambling form, the lottery game!

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