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Read these books to become better in your lapak 303 poker game. Discover the most popular poker readings of all time.

Those who visit lapak 303 with a straight mission to become better and better in poker, have plenty of time ahead to gain more experience. With practice the perfection comes. There’s no hesitation about this statement, but what the real pros in the world of online poker also advise poker players of a middle range or newbies in gambling is to also invest in their experience.

What are the best practices for advancing in poker?

Apart from the practice, which is a top factor in reaching a good level of poker game, there are plenty of cool ideas to consider. Here’s a short list with some of them:

  1. Test different strategies until you find the most suitable for you and for the specific poker table.
  2. Don’t disappoint too fast when experiencing losses. On the contrary – accept the lost hand as a way to learn something new for your skills and your poker approach.
  3. Fit into a decent budget that suits your needs. Sometimes, the smaller losses can be felt less painful if you have a budget section with expected lost money.
  4. Read articles for poker tips and visit big forums where big poker players discuss practices, tactics and good casino websites.
  5. And read books! Yes, as a matter of fact, thousands of poker players from all over the world appreciate the free access to tricks and tips, easy guides and detailed explanations of poker terms and conditions provided in the libraries!

What are the best poker books you should on mandatory read?

Those who reach the stage of not feeling the available online poker resources for their advance are those who understand how precious poker books are. By all means, in these books you will find a lot of interesting ideas to test in lapak 303. Here are some of our special recommendations for poker reading:

  • Harrington on Hold’em, Dan Harrington

The author of this book is a poker legend that has more than 40 years of experience in the field and about 7 million of USD in total in his lifetime winnings. Many poker lovers and even gambling newbies claim that he’s the book poker influencer of all time. To be more specific, Harrington shows you how to switch from one to another strategy, as well as how to be the big winner in the poker tournaments.

  • Caro’s Book of Poker Tells, Mike Caro

This book is mostly preferred by the poker lovers who prefer playing in a real casino. It’s because Mike Caro is the most popular body language “reader” of all times. The book, though, isn’t just another cheap psychological material about the ways you can caught the person in front of you is lying. It’s fully oriented to poker and how poker players act.

  • Play Poker Like the Pros, Phil Hellmuth

Last, but not least, Hellmuth explains you in a single book how to play poker like a total experts all the different types of the game. He’s not just a poker masker, but a real legend in all poker styles, including Omaha and Texas Hold Em.  

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